Thursday, February 28, 2008

tomorrow is graduation at one of my schools. i made a buttload of flowers from hershey's kisses today so i can give to my 3rd years.


i remember a girl that went to our school, a Ms. C. Saechao, made them for 8th grade graduation and i thought i idea was really clever and awesome. so this is not my original idea. anyway they dont look too shabby either if i do say so myself hoho.

what i hear from my teacher buddies is that jp hs graduation isnt anything like american hs graduation and i believe them lol. i heard a story that during teacher X's graduation some dude had smuggled into the ceremony a perverted-looking horse mask and whipped it out during the post-speech outdoor reception thing haha. teacher X said the teachers were really really mad at the kid too. then teacher X and others started talking about how strict and serious the whole event is hehe.

i'm suddenly reminded of my own high school and the random shenanigans that occurred during graduation ... we got spirit!!

ive been cranking out more artwork recently, but it's only because it's great for eating up a lot of time. i think ive mentioned earlier? but my section of the test isnt until monday so ive had nothing to grade or look at for this entire week. now and then i'll peek over my teacher buddies' shoulders to see if they'll give me stuff to grade but once they put on the headphones/ earbuds theyre off in another world haha. so i can only hook them right before they sit down with their stack of papers. can't wait til monday - i'll do a real eccentric performance over the PA system huhu~

and i just realized that i never post any pictures haha. from today forward i'll try to be more picture-tastic then.

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Stephen said...

Since you use blogger you should definitely try Picasa. I just tried it out and made the albums I posted in my facebook. You can upload directly from the program to your blog too since it's all google and therefore it's all good.