Sunday, October 25, 2009

1TB logitec external on sale at eiden for 12,800yen that i swept up today =D

mini gasshuku was intense. got to watch a chuden okuden and kaiden test and it was sooo long @_@ after party was super, though!

and jps are such glottons - im reminded every time i dare turn on the TV lol. those ridiculous reactions make me want to punch my screen in, seriously. i mean come on, shaved ice? you can say its good if you think its good, or even smile or be like 'awwJea' but to do this whole song and dance about it... and on top of that everyone says the same damn thing -_-! it's always some variant of .oishii. or .umai. it's just llike when my kids describe something as 'interesting.' i wanna put their paper right to the shredder (it is next to my desk after all lol). what's worse is that it's bled thoroughly into my own speech pattern because it's easy for my kids to pick up and i know they know the word so i throw it around a lot especially when im asking them questions about something. alright, gotta use funky words around them more often...

hmm... now i feel obligated to speak good of some aspect of jp culture now...

let's see, the cleanliness always pleases the air especially is very good here.

people-watching is cool here. they inspire.


i guess that's about it.

liabelle got to lvl 62 today haha.


Stephen said...

I know what you mean about their food reactions on TV. If I ever saw a γΎγšγ„! I'd have a heart attack or something.

That price for a 1TB isn't bad. I paid $100 for a 500GB one when I first got back here.

neoPootling said...

glad i caught the sale then =D

"this... doesnt exactly taste like shit!"