Monday, October 12, 2009

so some neighbors wanted to check out the different kinds of aerobics programs at the gym so i was like aight lol. we did a 915pm-1015pm tonight (which is later than i usually go) led by some super hyper youngish looking middle aged dude. he was pretty intense. imagine if hard gay led an aerobics class for a solid hour lol. he was screaming in the mic in english cause he saw me and my anglo looking girl friends in the back lol. it was a riot. i'll be honest too - he looked pretty gay. not in a bad way, just in a "dude. this boy is GAY," kinda way. bicycle shorts that were hella high up and tight. warrior AF tank top. he had the walk. all his aerobics dance moves had some G-life flare to it too haha. pretty spicy. it was fun though, and a good workout haha. we're going to try the latin aerobics tomorrow to check that out and then the one on wednesday too. get outselves in a good sampler of all the instructors.

if neighbor buddies never asked i never would have gone in. not because i have anything against aerobics or anything. i think it's actually pretty cool. i have fond memories of aerobics in PE during sophomore year of high school. it just sucks to be the only noob in the back fumbling around that all. way to fumble around in togetherness with people you know! and for the past few years all the people ive known who went to the same gym were dudes only interested in weight lifting and the treadmill.

anyway, go aerobics!

in other news, check out these fat onigiri dudes i had for dinner today:

those who know me fairly well can probably guess what's inside. hohoho.

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