Friday, October 9, 2009

hello, mr. snowboard.

so i was cleaning up typhoon mess just now on my veranda when lo and behold a snowboard crashes down at my feet. it was in its bag and stuff so i guess at first glance years ago i took it for more surfing equipment. as i may have mentioned, i have a full set of golf clubs, a surf board that's taller than my height of 5'2" for sure and a boogie board out there, among basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and dumbbells. anyway ive only gone snowboarding once so i dont know much about it other than it's close to 150cm in length.

ah~ if only i were at home home again. then i wouldnt have any remorse about getting into snowboarding. but here i have to worry about all the shit i own cause... as ive complained about before - i just have so much crap. last night i sifted through mountains of clothing and managed to weed a bunch out into a pile i call, "not coming back with me." pretty much the stuff i got dirt cheap or from the second hand store here. the 'what the hell was i thinking?' clothes are also in this pile haha.

anyway back to cleaning up. i gotta tape up my bug screen.

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