Wednesday, October 28, 2009

halloween sleepover mini party, then party party coming up this weekend! but before that, im going a nice bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins thing with eng club yay =D

that means ill have more jack o lantern pictures to put up! hopefully my girls come up with something more original than the girls at spicy chicken school hehe. speaking of which, i actually was able to purchase some spicy chicken, finally - after so long, at spicy chicken school. the pix is on my phone so i guess if i remember ill post it as soon as i get home in a few more hours =D

hopefully my exchange girl remembers the pumpkin buying date we have today after school...

im having my kids draw turkeys (you know, that elementary school art project thing where you trace your hand and turn the shape into a turkey) and write the stuff that they're thankful for. the regular course 1-8 kids are so freaking ADD lol. its a good thing that my teacher buddy for that section is good with dealing with those kinds of kids. especially the boy students! it almost feels like my almost all guys tech school in there. we had to threaten them with the whole, "aight guys, it's obvious that everyone wants to FAIL the next FINAL EXAM, cause no one wants to stfu and listen..." we're such terrorists i know...

what else has been going on...

im afraid to finish odin sphere... rather ive been reluctant to move on to the armageddon book cause i dont want the magic to end haha. so ive been playing star ocean instead. im around 30 hours into the game and i just reached the point where i "will be unable to return to ancient Roak" so i feel it might be coming to an end as well? i guess ill find out soon enough haha.

so im pretty set on staying in japan this holiday season for reals now. i have to somehow prevent myself from vegging out indoors with games though >_> i guess i can try to get myself to the gym every day during the break, minus emperors bday, christmas and new years day itself anyway.

lone wolf christmas for me this year lol. at least im not 25 years old yet; no remorse about eating christmas cake alone when youre twentyFOUR! (in japan they say women are like christmas cakes, on the 25th: christmas day, theyre beautiful, fresh and desirable - 25 years of age. on the 26th though theyre nothing but leftovers that no one wants, like a 26 year old woman... japan is harsh to their ladies lol) anyway i havent told any of my teachers my real plans yet... they all think its a given that ill be in taiwan. in any case i dont want their pity invitations to random events >_> not like im too good for em or anything like that - no problem doing my own thing...

maybe i can go to fuyukomi! though im not too eager to brave the crowds alone... actually now that i think about it, two conventions a year seems good enough for me -_-! id go shopping, except i dont think itll be a good idea to buy even more stuff when i should instead be thinking about sending stuff home... ah that's right... maybe i should use the holiday to ship stuff home - i can investigate that sea/ ocean mail service thing.

lol some teacher has a loud ass polyphonic ringtone thing that's playing like, the entire damn song of some variant of pachabell.

most of all, i gotta tell myself to not spend money; save it. dont spend money, save it. dont spend money, save it. dont spend money.... save. it. otherwise i might as well have bought an expnsive plane ticket to vegas to be with the rest of my family haha.

yay 6th period is over~ cleaning time~ which means i should vacate the zone so they can actually sweep under my desk lol.

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