Sunday, October 4, 2009

in spirit of halloween i busted out my cosplay collection and was shocked at just how much space it's taking up. to name them all, i've got medusa, black star, ranka lee, obi wan kenobi, luca, mihaeru, alto, and my corsair AF. also, my buddy sloughed off to me a hand me down yukata this past summer too. (to american reckoning that's totally cosplay, at least at an anime con i guess haha).

anyway im boxing them all save medusa (gonna wear it for this years halloween party) to be shipped back home. yay for monday off~ i get to run housewife-ish errands like going to the bank and post office, not to mention cleaning up my already pretty clean apt lol. maybe i can chuck all these bulky wood and plastic stuff leftover from last december's theatrical production haha.

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