Tuesday, November 10, 2009

curses! i'm almost done with Lady of Sherwood... i knew i should have just gotten Lady of the Glen as well ;_; now if i order, i'll have to wait another 3 weeks until it gets here -_-!

i guess this means i can finally finish odin sphere lol - been putting Armageddon off since last month. in the meantime there was star ocean: first departure and now star ocean: second evolution. i never played the first one before, but i did play the second one years ago and i have to say there is a lot i dont remember. i generally don't re-play RPGs unless it's a remake (chrono trigger!) cause i figure there's just so many in the genre, might as well treat yourself to new material, right?

so in season one of minami-ke, (old-ish anime i know) there's a good deal of food related chatter going on - like with the rice, curry, cream stew, udon i think it was... or ramen i don't remember... anyway with that cream stew, right? i actually learned of this dish's existence through minami-ke. i've just never had it served to me with someone saying, "this. is. cream. stew," and i've never seen/ noticed it in a restaurant before. anyway at the supermarket, the cream stew sauce/ mix powder thing is placed in the japanese curry mix section. so whenever ive gone to get curry i always stare at the cream stew boxes and think of minami-ke. ive never actually tried it out though... until yesterday!

there wasn't anything particular going through my mind - i just picked up the box, looked at the back for the ingredients, got them too and went home to whip it up. all and all the dish is pretty alright. i don't rate it higher than japanese curry in terms of tastiness and satisfaction, though. also with all the milk that goes into it, i have no idea how this dish fares with lactose intolerant folks haha.

/story interjection... there's a dish that i named, 'white curry' maybe 2 years ago because i had forgotten to get the sauce mix blocks and it was already past 900pm and my market was closed. so i decided to simply season the 'curry' with chicken broth powder and some other stuff. the finished product was quite nice! anyway, that dish was way better than this cream stew i think. so next time you want to do the anti-japanese curry dish, just follow every step for japanese curry and then at the last step omit the curry blocks and season to taste with other stuff. it'll be groovy, trust me.

... but sometimes you just cant deny your appreciation for japanese style curry rice.

holy crap how did i get 20000/24500 into lvl already... campaigns make the world go round!

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