Sunday, November 15, 2009

gosh darn it, is such a time sink for me lol. even more than youtube is! beyond online window shopping even!! facebook is nothing!

anyway cultural festival festival day 2 for almost all guys tech school was yesterday and boy was it awesome. those guys never disappoint lol. too bad everything i captured was in video format @_@ so it'll take me some time to get some stills up.

one week til kssr banquet in tokyo~

two weeks til a very merry foreigner thanksgiving dinner~

three weeks til... first sunday of december? lol.

i've been feeling JET senioritis nipping at my heels these days. for JETs in my particular sector of the venn diagram, it's something like this: i'm starting to compare everything about everyday life here to things back at home - from diaper commercials to... that out-rounded calf phenotype seen in japanese females. i've ditched my cute bento box for a brown paper bag with a BLT sandwich in it! and a red apple! that i eat with the skin ON, NOT cut into slices; i set my chompers to it like the human beast i am til there's nothing left but the core. i've been eating milk and cereal even though special K red berries is still 360yen for a one-size box that gives you only 2 big-ish bowl servings.

the other day it was pretty effed up. i get on the special ed train to go to almost all guys tech school once a week (special ed because there's a special ed school en route to my own school and i see the same group of special ed students get on the train once a week, every week). i was about 10 meters away from the first door leading into the first unreserved car of the train when i saw one of the special ed girls had fallen down right at the doorway - she missed a step i guess because her left foot was dangling in the gap between the train and the platform and she was kind of sitting on her ass, kind of half laying down all dazed and stuff. she was in a funky position with her right foot in the train, left foot in the gap, rest of her body on the platform and her hands/ elbows supporting her behind her. it was kind of bad too cause she was all spread-eagled with her legs and though they were modest-looking i guess you could see her black undergarments. the effed thing was there were people who were weaving around her to get inside the train. no 'are you ok?' or anything. it was pretty appalling. even businesspeople on the platform just stood their ground and stared. i was like "omg are you ok?" and stooped down put a hand on her shoulder. she was like, "i... fell..." and looked at me. so then i went behind her, got her by both arms near the armpits and hoisted her up myself. i asked her again, 'are you ok?' and then she looked at me and said, 'thank... you..." only when she was already standing did another woman bystander come over and ask her, "are you ok?" a second later the train dude showed up (seemed like he was jogging) and asked her if she was ok and then thanked me. but damn! those people who pretty much stepped over her crumpled body to get into the train. there was even this dude sitting in the train right near the door. he was so close to the girl he could have poked her with the tip of his shoe. but he just stared at her. he didnt even stand up or reach out or anything. ugh. they're all going straight to hell! lol.

I like Carrie Underwood's Cowboy Casanova ^^ the instrumentals are sooo basic, but i like the groove of it =D i wouldnt mind doing the electric slide to this song lol.

oh i got my wings iv medal back ^^


Bakudannar said...

Way to play the all-American hero!

Allen said...

Yes. Thi is an all-American hero.

neoPootling said...
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neoPootling said...

on the wings of love~