Saturday, November 28, 2009

200th post!

anyway i threw together some screen caps of some vids from almost all guys tech school festival. all kinds of good stuff lol.

in other news, 30th anni kssr party was very merry indeed. not only did i go to the 2nd after party, i got kinda dragged to the 3rd party too lol (at a karaoke place). all in all, the actual banquet thing was cool. lots of folks i knew and didnt knew. lots of babies, too!

i posted (in the middle of posting rather) a private vid on youtube of me walking around taking in the party vibe. for all the KSSR folks, let me add you on my friends list so i can let you guys in on the viewing. steve, i added you, so you should be able to have a lookSee =D you can play the "dude that was totally OO-san" game lol.

anyway, here are some pix of that pudding daifuku that ive been talking about for quite some time now. check out the pudding-ness on the inside lol. it really is a delightful treat.

ive been meaning to snap some seasonal pictures but nothing has really been blog-worthy. theres a nice gingko tree with the leaves all golden and stuff, but there's construction going on around where the tree is, so as a photo i think itd look kinda crumby. i'll take a nice photo yet.

thanksgiving potluck dinner party is this tomorrow. if the mood is right, i'll take pictures. usually i don't - not at this event anyway - too busy eating lol.

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