Friday, November 13, 2009

my 200th post approaches!

anyway, today was a grand day, despite being friday the 13th... except the day is not quite over yet <_<

almost all guys tech school cultural festival day 1 was today. the special exhibition was a play - and man was it a good ass play! demon/ ogre theme set in heian japan with overtones of love and humanity ^^ best parts though were all the epic battles between the demons and demon slayers (i was CONSTANTLY envisioning random kenjutsu/batojutsu + jujutsu, and jo vs sword/ sword vs jo tachiais lol... which gave me this weird unsettling feeling as i was watching each battle).

ran post office and bank errand after work, then gymed. bought shoes that were so not on sale >_> BUT! im going to wear them to the KSSR 30 year anniversary banquet that's coming up very soon. when i got home i decided to figure out what the rest of my outfit was going to look like and im very happy to say ive got everything down, head to toe. i even took a whole hour doing hair trials @_@ but now im fairly confident i will NOT look like total crap for the banquet.

oh, today was the first day i was very much forced against my will to wear one of those ridiculous dust masks. they said it was because the entire school had to be packed together in one big hall. also, they sprayed every man, woman and child (their hands) with this alcohol sanitizer before and after the play. so extreme. im surprised they didnt walk everyone over to a big trough to have them gargle. i totally would have put my foot down there.

yesterday i tripped over my router thingummer and now it's emitting this high-pitched wail... it's even more high-pitched than those pest control devices they put around the perimeter of shopping malls (not that those things are all that high-pitched actually - theyre quite audible and it cripples my soul every time i have to walk through the train station's underground @_@). anyway, it's significantly more bearable than those pest devices and i actually want to test to see if it keeps critters away... except im afraid im going to slowly go deaf or something if i let it shriek on for the rest of my time here... i guess i'll jack directly in from the broadband modem thing.

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