Thursday, December 17, 2009

does anyone remember usher's nice & slow? i was looking at the time a while ago as i was preparing christmas boxes to be sent to the states and it was... 7 o'clock on the dot lol. totally pulled it up on youtube. i remember that song as like... the babysitter song. oftentimes the song of friends whose high school aged older siblings would play on their mix tape in the car.

and oh how ive been caught in another 90s music youtube binge.

oh and im leveling DNC. high time i sub it during campaigns.

and is that ffxiii trailer on youtube's front page (ad banner at the top) new? prolly related to the jp ffxiii release date today. i swore i saw scenes ive never seen before. was that a baby choco on black dude's hover bike thing? haha.


Stephen said...

I never played the demo, but I heard the baby choco lives in the black dude's fro.

ジャスティン said...

Baby choco on the bike?? In the fro?! Interesting... This reminds me that I need to get on the 4 warriors of light. Where's my time going?? lol

Oh man... mixed tapes! I totally made mixed tapes, but not of anything contemporary at the time. lol Anyway, my friend's older sister was into TLC's Waterfalls a lot. So instead of Usher, I think about TLC... another 90s to go back to, if you haven't already checked out those videos. =)

neoPootling said...

zomg waterfalls definitely!