Wednesday, December 2, 2009

still no picture-worthy scenes of nature stuffs... maybe i'll just wait until mid winter or something. there was a sale at my local fabric store today so i bought some cloth to be made into pj pants later this month around christmas. i spent like 40 mins looking at their entire inventory and decided to take home this very plain and simple blue and black flannel. 2 meters for 800yen!

weather-wise it was a gloriously clear day. it also felt warmer than it's been - around 14 degeees C.

i hopped on board this saturday night party train - bday pt train to be exact. it's at this club nearly 1.5 hours away, but i figured it's been a while since ive gone to this type of thing.

prefecture meeting is tomorrow... in the rain, oh boy -_-! but this gives me an excuse to wear this totally boss vintage camel hair long trench coat that allen's mom gave me last winter kekeke. and the shoulders are to die for lol.

oh yeah last night i got the moonlight medal II in campaign. on top of that im around 13,000 into lvl 66, hooray... but axe is totally underskilled, boo.

anyway gonna get in touch with my gym rat side now.

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