Monday, December 21, 2009

i've been watching a bunch of movies recently - Inglourious Basterds, Up, One Piece: Strong World and today we're going to see Avatar. yay.

and dude, it's annoying to not be able to find campbell's chicken noodle anywhere. you see all these other flavors like corn (ugh japan's obsession with corn) clam chowder, minestrone, and cream of mushroom but there's no chicken noodle to be found - what the heck is up with that? not even tomato... and tomato is the bomb too - way better than corn man... there are so many other brands/ varieties of corn soup that japanese people will buy so why does campbell's even bother marketing their corn soup here? uhg... but hey, it's not like im hating on corn or anything.

i bought some oeros and milk yesterday. then i got DNC to 21 - it's pretty cool being able to solo toughs at lvl 20 lol. you just... keep... dancing!

so as i was blowing my nose on those freebie tissues folks pass out advertising for something or another, i was thinking how easy it is to infect like... the entire japanese population with some crazy biological weapon by lacing those tissue packs with something creepy and then have them be passed out at like all of japan's major cities. winter would be the best time, of course. oh man, i suddenly feel all paranoid about accepting tissues...

i suppose i'll get ready and stuff now~


Stephen said...

All those corn products are annoying. Corn on pizza too, what are they thinking?

I just had a dream that your students made two awesome origami dragons that were like five feet long. If you weren't planning on having them do that you definitely should because they were sweet.

neoPootling said...

hmm dragons... i can see the cooperation thing... in english! then they can like battle... in english haha. like dragon avatars.. yeahhhhh.