Saturday, December 12, 2009

just watched ep 10 of kimi ni todoke and ep 8 of kobato. i dont know if i mentioned in any previous post that i was following those titles this season... maybe i mentioned kimi ni todoke though... in any case, i am. kobato has very cutesy CLAMP flavor, while kimi ni todoke is enjoyable shoujo. it's a really strange feeling watching these two because, being japan life/ japan school life types of anime, there are all these environmental + cultural things that i've experienced or seen on a firsthand basis and so it makes me relate personally on a deeper level. it's kind of the same feeling i got after watching k-on. id stare at the girls' cardigans or towels, and when the characters go for vending machine small talk i'm all, "dude i've seen them do that irl!" kobato is a little more removed from earth with its fantastical elements and such. also, with the dude character rocking this old school male ponytail thing, it makes the series feel less modern haha.

my buddies have kind of indirectly gotten me on the eva card collecting scene. they're basically these packs composed of one hard plastic evangelion collector's card + a nice chocolate wafer cookie thing (yes, to be eaten - they're about the size of a credit card) for around 105yen. i get them every now and then at valor. i have about 8 collected so far with no doubles yet so i guess im pretty lucky hehe. the nicest of my bunch is one of rei in her school uniform looking up holding onto gendo's glasses - the background is this refreshing pastel pink blue and purple striped scheme, and it's all frosted metallic... makes me want to pour over my sailor moon card collection at home again.

for some reason 3 days ago i was really hankering for some mindless katamari action so i've been back on the psp version trying to up all my 'islands' to 100 points. i still need to get the elephant's island past 90 points though, grr...

but i think i'll go back to star ocean second evolution now.

what else to report...

i sustained this crazy slash across the top part of my right middle finger (the surface where a ring might sit) the other day as i was getting the mail. i went up, washed it out and slathered some neosporin (not of the expired kind either... >_>) on it right after it happened but it's still taking a while to heal. there are just too many activities that i blaze through in a day where i have to wash my hands or get them wet in some way. i think it has a high chance of ending up looking like this scar i have on my left ring finger - got that on a ronco showtime rotisserie bbq in high school (a part of it was broken and i totally got sliced @_@).

!!! and holy crap, after googling ronco real fast, get a load of this!
i totally want this for christmas - buy 1 get one free! - american, we can use these when i get back lol

oh yeah and i discovered this after watching a recent TED talk
i think it's pretty sweet.


Allen said...

Lol yes, we must go fishing one of these days.

ジャスティン said...

Yea, we do have the reminding thing going well. =)

Oh... because of kimi ni todoke ep10, I'm anxious to see the next episode. Come on, Kazehaya, make a move! lol

Anime definitely has a deeper meaning for me too. It's good for us to be able to relate to the cultural references or subtleties.

Stephen said...

Hey Thi, コーラを飲んだらおコーラれた。