Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i made a tote bag yesterday! a fine way to have spent my first holiday/ beginning of spring vacation~ i went to the fabric store after visiting the bank and saw some cute material with cats on it kekeke. it was on saleee~ (fabric is kind of expensive in japan... i would say by 30-40% more on average than what i can buy at fabric stores in chinatown oakland back at home, or in the fashion district in LA. even jo-anns is cheaper and it's supposed to be the 'expensive' craft store @_@ anyway 1 meter of this oven mitt material was 800yen. everything else like the straps, the lining, etc. were just scraps from my various sewing projects + cosplay over the past several months here.

i didnt expect to be so happy with the result but... i am! lol. that print really is fabulous =D and it's so cushy~ i just want to hold and carry it all the time~

oh, and just past that noren in the background is where Mr. Toilet is haha.

a few days ago i went on a fugu [(puffer fish) because i specifically asked for it lol] culinary adventure with the english department! we had a lot of courses, and towards the end i was a little too excited from the sake to take proper photos of everything, but here were the main dishes that came out!

starters of pickled fugu parts among other tasties

straight to the sake! it was lit on fire. those are fugu fins in it.

deep-fried fugu - tastiest dish all night lol

our fugu nabe stuffs - classic array of mushrooms, tofu, napa cabbage, onions, other vege stuffs and clear noodles along with the raw fugu.

into the pot!

i got served.

the skin. it's supposed to have a ridiculous amount of collagen in it lol.

the nabe finisher of egg and rice.

we had something else too? and then there was a not-so-special ice cream. i vaguely remember being semi-outraged when i found out that the ice cream wasn't derived from fugu lol.

all in all, deep-fried is the way to go! the meat itself wasnt memorable at all. the entire time i kept on thinking about that one simpsons episode lol. (intensified considerably when the drink came out a la flaming Moe lol).


Stephen said...

Dude I was totally thinking about that episode too when I had fugu in Feburary. Fried fugu tastes like chicken.

neoPootling said...

yeah! lol