Tuesday, March 16, 2010

we were at the movies the other day and came across a promo booklet/ manga for this movie:


the concept isnt all that fresh or anything, but mao (hanadan's tsukushi!) is the main girl, so that makes it automatically something id want to watch haha. anyway, the booklet/ manga was hilarious lol. if you go to the site, you'll see how cute the artwork is!

on a totally different note, i now present my weekend getaway pictures! i think i mentioned in a previous post about going to the peninsula...?

the onsen was fabulous! it was perfect weather temperature-wise to do the open-air bath thing. the buffet dinner was full of local produce - both grown and fished - a tasty adventure it was indeed! we finished off our night with karaoke and card games back in our rooms.

the next morning i signed up for the breakfast which was also buffet style... and it really felt like i was in vegas! after that one of the older grandpa-type jp dudes took a handful of us around on a whirlwind tour of the area which was spectacular! we got to see all the touristy things in the peninsula like the reservoir, the uncountable cabbage patches and other vegetable fields, the lighthouse + navigation tower, the market at the port, the flower fields - which happened to be the main seasonal attraction of the town [the flower species is nanohana, translated as the rapeseed flower (i'll explain that in a bit lol)], and the lovers' beach lol. oh, and the old jp dude's name was Bob. bob was off the hook.

yeah so about the rapeseed flower - it's the plant that we get canola oil from. at first we didnt know why they would name a flower with such a crude name... until we frolicked in the flower meadow ourselves. these flowers stand at about waist height and its blossoms are this bright yellow color, along with its pollen haha. after a stroll through these happy plants, we totally noticed it was all over our upper thigh and crotch area in whitish-yellow splotches and we were all like /gasp "zomg THIS is why they call it the 'rape' flower!"

lol but if you wiki it real fast you'll see the real reason why its name is has 'rape' in it.

and then there were pictures!

check out the sunset!

and those infamous nanohana!

later that night we went to see Hurt Locker. inside the cineplex there was another cardboard cutout photo op thing there - this time for crayon shinChan! hehe~


Stephen said...

I've totally been looking forward to that movie. Something I can definitely relate to. You know, since I have a thick beard and stuff.

neoPootling said...

and you look like an alpaca, too.