Saturday, March 20, 2010

lady gaga + beyonce's telephone vid is a work of genius! it's so kooky! lol. props, costumes, style, man! oh, and the song is pretty catchy too haha.

gaga lost a lot of fluff around her ass and thighs (and the rest of her body in general i guess). you could see it a lot in bad romance too. back in her poker face days, there were never any real close-ups of her full body. anytime you saw thigh, she was always in some weird sitting or laying position to make her look not so round hehe. at least that's what i'm gathering. i think it's also because shes relatively short too, so if she was fluffy and short, it would make her seem... fluffier and shorter! lol. but in telephone it was like "look at me! i have a hollywood body now!" even by japanese standards, she's quite thin now. which isn't so bad, but i think she shouldn't get any thinner than she is now~

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