Thursday, January 24, 2008

alright - mass update time again

so the past several weeks have been really busy. for work stuff, we've been having to go to the city like every other day for that conference i mentioned. the event itself was more or less fruitful but very draining. teacher buddy suggested we try one of the activities presented to us, and from what shes told me, it went very well with her class.

there was a mini gasshuku event that i went to last saturday which was simply smashing. practice, more practice, nabe banquet that was beer-riffic, maid cafe adventure (while we were still drunk lol) then tandoori til 1100pm. it was a great mini gasshuku - kids from tsukuba came! and i knew them from the summer gasshuku!

my birthday was most relaxing. my lessons were at my almost all guys high school that day, then i went home, got a mini cake thing at the train station, went to market, cooked then ate + gamed at the same time. it was grand hohoho.

i got a birthday care package from back home a few days earlier which contained lots of goodies - clothes, chocolates, and old PS2-chan + games~ i finally have the time and means to chop through ffxii!!! and other games ive been wanting to play for that matter - im such a happy camper at the moment haha.

new foreign exchange student bios are out at my base school. she's american! so i get to be all american with her... whatever that means lol. she doesnt come until april though.

busy work at school brings me joy. im not just talking about graphing or chart-making, or cutting things out or anything either. the kind of busy work ive engineered myself to do is going over the kiddies' written compositions. it's awesomely awesome. i get to pick out mistake patterns and then tell my teacher buddies what kind of grammar they should hammer into their heads haha. i also like to read their true emotional feelings and whatnot. humanistic approach for the win!

i opened up a photoshop file called, "dont know yet" hoping to find some nostalgic piece of work, but instead it was just a blank canvas and 3 layers - talk about giving up

at almost all guys high school yesterday we were doing spin the bottle truth or dare (a favorite at that school lol) and one of the questions i was amazed one boy asked was, "do you love 2-dimensional women?" i laughed openly and so did the other boys. maybe i should have expected it because they were tech school guys... given they werent the comp engineering class or anything, but... yea. haha

so today was pretty cold. the only kind of cold i can compare this cold to is the 2006 winter in vegas cold - which was ridiculously cold. it's windy as sarutabaruta here too so biking to and from school is such a pain. i go though all this trouble to make my hair look decently ok, then i have to brave the wind and once i get to school it's simply a mess all over the place. now the simple solution to this would be to just put it up all the time, but... no. and i still get "ooooo" reactions from teachers whenever i dont dress mannish. like today i had my hair in a teacher bun (lol) and had pink suit on so when i was in the teachers room people were like, "oh... your image is so... different today! looks nice!" and im like, "thanks... i hope i look nice too harhar"

tomorrow is friday~ that means english club day~ im so excited - i wonder what kind of flavor it'll be this week...

oh yea, since valentine's day is coming up, all these supermarkets everywhere are loaded with chocolates! the marketing is ridiculously clever. i fall right into their trap. why, just yesterday i bought a small box of cognac chocolate. thinking it was going to be liquor gel like it usually is, i bite into mr bacchus cognac chocolate guy and get a surprising splash of alcohol in my mouth and out my nostrils. then i look at the box more carefully and see the 3.4% proof. a fine product indeed!

in other food news, spicy chicken is still rockin and melon pan never fails to please me.

i shared the box of sees with my teacher buddies and they were like "ooo~"

i think i'll finish this random artwork thing now. for some time my recent works have been kind of dull in both content and color, so im trying to spice it up with this one im working on at the moment. some nice random fellow and i are doing an art trade! so im trying to do a good job ^^

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amanisdude said...

Haha, yo Thi. I di'n't feel like typing a whole new msg to say the same stuff, so I basically just copied and pasted this from the e-mail. If you already got the e-mail, kindly ignore. ^_^" Hehe.

Hey Thi! How's it going? Frizzin' awesome! Haha, I finally got my Internet back up and running yesterday so, haha, bleh/yeah. Happy late b-day! I actually denno if you still use this e-mail address, so, like, if you don't get it, um... I'll blog you stuff. ^_^"

SO, like, yeah. Updates. I denno if Allen told you or not, but I'm, like, back in the Bay for a couple of quarters. 'll be back at UCLA next quarter or so, though, so, yeah. 'Sall good.

Ray, Allan, Tiffany et al are also pretty spazzin'. Ray and Allan are taking a couple of classes at CCC, and Tiffany's workin' at (you prolly already know all that).

As for Shitel, she's still studyin' like crazy for LSAT #2. I think it's comin' up pretty soon, so, --fingers crossed--. Haha.

Let's see. What else? Hmm... Oooh! I saw your mom a few days ago. (Haha, okay. It's been more like a couple of months. ^_^") Barry and I tend to go out on random walks of fate from his house to Barnes&Noble in Pinole (!), so, we stopped by the Shop (or the former "Shop") a few times.

'Ur mom was just basically like, "Yo Amanjot! How's life? Sweet. Have you talked to Thi recently? How about Thanh? Here's Thanh's cell number!" so I was all, like, "Haha, awesome! I posted on her blog a couple of months (then, a week or so) ago. Last time I saw Thanh was on the plane on the way back from AX07. Haha, thanks. ^_^" "

We didn't know 'ur mom/dad sold the Shop yet, so we even went into the restaurant and were, like, "Whoa! This place looks a bit different," before the new lady came and greeted us. Then we were all, like, "Oh, man. So sorry!" and went next door."

I think that's about all the new stuff I have. You prolly already know the details with Ray 'n' stuff about dental school, so yeah. I think he's pretty all set 'n' all. Oooh, yeah! We're prolly gonna be going to PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) again this year, so like, yeah. You should, like, totally come with us! Not sure about the details on when it is, but it's gonna be in Seattle. I think Ray knows more, but yeah! It's gonna be a blast!

Anywayz, yeah. Haha, happy b-day again, and I hope the sunrise lands aren't gettin' too crazy. Blast a message back my way anytime, haha. This is my new e-mail address (since, like, for some reason my UCLA one is full and won't let me delete messages -.-) Stay warm and dry. And keep 'em highschoolers on their toes. Peace be thy way, and light be thy path. Be free and prosper! ^_^

--Amanjot ^_^
may peace be thy journey...