Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wow i actually thought i had written a lot but in reality i hadnt written anything lol, i guess i had been writing stuff in my mind?

tomorrow and day after tomorrow is crazy teacher camp thing in nagoya. it's not really a camp kind of camp at all, but it sounds more fun this way. anyway, it's formally called a mid-year conference. all of the soldiers foreign and jp gather together and talk about tactics on the battlefield. i'm looking forward to participating. me and my other teacher buddy have been slated as moderator for one group. yay.

today was spicy chicken school day. i bought two with the purpose of eating the second one at home. i got as far as heating up the kebob in my oven thing, but effed up because i totally forgot about it while putting some clothing away. woe is me. i hadnt examined it closely yet because i had been waiting for the smoke to waft outside, but from what i can smell, it shouldnt look too different from a nice lump of coal.

i made vn coffee for my teacher buddies today - it was part of my lesson - ive been looking high and low for the metal coffee strainer/ maker/ preparation device thing in japan with no luck, but i found it in taiwain! actually, allen's mom found it but only after much questing. i swear it felt like she was the leader of our pt with us on /follow ; it was like gathering together for a tele, a long choco, running through a /sneak + /invis zone, running through a true sight zone, and running through another /sneak + /invis zone. quest reward? coffee preparation device thing! it was worth it. anyway, i want to assume the general jp public likes their coffee black, so drinking anything sweeter than a latte is like "OMG" and anything sweeter than cafe au lait is like "what planet does this come from?" "wonderful but different" was the general reaction.

i finished up to the 13th episode of all the anime i had been watching before winter vacation. a sample of reactions: the new animation style of minami-ke bothers me. kimi kiss is as high school as ever. im not sure if i like the direction shugo chara is going. the season 1 conclusion for goshuushousama ninomiya-kun was as 'meh' as expected.

and either it's getting warmer or the cold isnt bothering me anymore.

i think ill take mr bath now.

zomg the spicy chicken gods have smiled upon me!!! i checked the oven just now and the smell wasnt coming from the chicken - it was coming from the bamboo skewer! so the chicken is just fine! it must be thanks to the oil hohoho. ah~ tasty as ever.

anyhoo bath after im done eating.


so i havent been visiting any of the cosplay sites i used to half a year ago and gosh darn it because i totally missed the ouran host club themed look-alike contest on cosplayLab. i so would have entered my haruhi! ah well, maybe theyll have some spiffy contest for february (because the january theme is FMA)

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