Friday, January 11, 2008

im here waiting for my choco race to start. this has got to be my 6th time or so at the races. i havent won anything yet, but when i do i know its going to be totally sweet. i kinda feel like im the only person who visits the races nowadays because every time im there im there alone... i guess choco racing isnt hip anymore... was it ever hip?

i brought some schoolwork home today. i think ill finish it on monday because its a holiday. its coming of age day. yay for them, yay for us haha.

wow i suddenly got really sleepy just now.

i swear it always has to rain whenever i come home from school on my bike. i think its been like this for this week as well as the weeks before winter vacation. for the schools where i take a train or bus, it's all nice and sunny, but for the school i ride my bike, it always rains during the evening commute. i dont know what the powers may be are trying to tell me. i should get one of those umbrella hats - like those hats with a goofy umbrella thing attached to it.

ooo my race is starting.

curses. lost.

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David Walton said...

Hey there ^^
You haven't been on the forum lately?
Sorry about the choco-race, you'll get it next time ^^/
A shame development is stopping soon on FFXI