Monday, January 28, 2008

so i spent this past weekend in tokyo. in celebration for my birthday we went to awesome random bar place + tokyo disneyland. the quirky but stylish bar was called "saQra bar" and was located on the same street as steve's pad. we spent saturday night/ sunday morning there getting to know all the crazy yahoos who run that joint. but before the bar, i was browsing around akiba all afternoon - hooray~ i was watching this cousin for a few minutes try to get this huge moyashimon plushie from a UFO catcher with no luck at all. i was thinking of giving it a whirl after he was done, but after seeing him use all my would-be strategies, i ended up not trying. i'll just wait until 2/26, or whatever that date was, when they sell them officially at animate. cant wait!

that saQra bar was totally hoppin the night we visited it. according to cool guy there, there was a double birthday bash thing going on which was... totally out of control haha. the more or less even mix of gender made it even more exciting. there was also hot yaoi action - no joke. we were also made to drink a shot of tequila (saQra bar style with grapefruit!~) while we were still working our way thought a bottle of wine and a cocktails. and when i say made to drink i mean forced to - not pressured into - as in they poured it and handed it to us without us saying yes lol - as a matter of fact, we even said no lol.

so we decided to go to the theme park side rather than the disney sea side and i think we made a good choice. my first impression of tokyo disneyland was, "man, this is like a condensed, mini-sized version of the one in anaheim. like, when you walk into the gate, the first thing you see is the castle! that's not right haha. anyway, it was super easy navigating though the whole park because it was so petite.

and oh yes - ive said this before and i'll say it again - jp mommies are so hot. theyre like ridiculously well composed and most of them are might i dare say racy. i still dont understand how the majority of the female population here enjoys wearing the heeled boot + shorts combo all year round. sure some of them throw on a pair of tights, but those tights do nothing in terms of warmth. the immaculate hair + nails + face are like... down to a science, and dont even get me started on the kiddies themselves. just describing them as 'cute' doesnt really do them any justice.

take the 7 under girls for example: their hair is always perfect, and you know why? because mommy did it! theyve got these perfect double pigtails with a suave spiral curl going through them, held together with something that glistens and dangles. i dont think i have to explain much about what they wear, because theyre like a mini copy of their mom. as for physical features themselves, theyre totally to die for. theyve got the rosy cheeks + lips upon snowy skin thing, twinkling eyes, and their faces in general are always so full and squishy. if little kids were all suddenly made into chocolates and put into boxes, these jp kids would be the first to be picked and devoured. (i have no thoughts or intentions of eating small children or people for that matter by the way).

the jan feb mar 2008 theme there is cinderellabration (i think it was something like that). so basically they have this semi-wintry thing going on, sell a bunch of cinderella stuff, and have more shows about cinderella and stuff. we went to this one show that was supposed to be a coronation for her. they told the general public that the show would start at 600pm. when the crowd had amassed together in front of the castle, ill say it was a good 545pm. actually im pretty sure it was already packed at around 535pm or so. anyway, they start the show? then all these lights start going crazy in the cinderella garden, the opposite direction from the castle. i think it was to distract us from their setting up or something haha. anyway, they were playing the audio for Cinderella but nothing was really happening on stage or anywhere until around 607pm which was like ??? because 1) we were in japan where EVERYTHING is supposed to be on time (stereotype, yay~) and 2) they really were just playing an abridged audio clip of the movie background music. i figured, "yea im sure they can do this because it's her coronation after all. it's not her whole life story." haha so after we heard the triumphant overtures and such that sounded like an ending the stage + castle lit up and the happy singing + dancing commenced.

we ate at this alice in wonderland themed place which was good - i had rotisserie chicken... which i had been craving for, so it was very satisfying.

all in all, the small size of the park actually wasnt a bit disappointing to me at all. it actually made things quite convenient. oh, and since of course this was a variety of disneyland that is supposed to cater to jp taste, the marketing inside the gift shops was pretty wacky. there were the SAME boxes of the SAME omiyage food stuffs like everywhere in all parts of the park. now this was only strange because back at home, each store located in a particular town will usually take on the theme of the town and sell those particular gimmicky goods right? well jp disney kind of did that... some of the time haha. but those same boxes of the same stuff got pretty annoying. phone straps are a big hit here as well. you can put anything on a phone strap hehe. towels are big. ah, another thing about the shops is that they totally target females way more than males. but good job for them profiling their customers! the majority of the visitors there are like... hordes and hordes of women... I saw zero men-only groups there.

i made good time getting home on sunday night. i caught a 930pm hikari which got me back to toyohashi around 1110pm-ish. it was a good weekend.

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Stephen said...

Dude I totally forgot about the hot yaoi action down at SaQra that night... or rather blocked it out maybe. Wasn't it going down right behind us? I remember turning around and being like woah! what are these guys doing!? Oh SaQra bar...