Thursday, January 31, 2008

so there was a meeting at school today - teacher's meeting kind of deal. it's actually a meeting that i dont have to attend - happens every thursday. anyway i had totally forgotten about it! i was in the art room checking on what the art kids were up to. usually ill go up there and talk to some of my first years and see how their various projects are coming along. when i was done browsing through the gallery, i had begun making my way back to the teachers room when i saw through a window the huge meeting thing going on and thought, 'darn it... totally locked outside for the next hour now...'

with not much to do and nowhere special i could really go, i wandered back to the ladies locker room and decided to sweep it out of boredom haha. after sweeping it i opened the closet to see if there were any new futons or blankets, but they were pretty much the same from the summer. anyway i said to myself, 'i think i'll... sleep here until the meeting is over.' so at first i busted out a futon, laid it on the tatami, sat down in the bedding and thought, 'yknow what im not going to sleep in this cold like a chump.' so i stuffed the futon into the bottom part of the closet, made my bed there, crawled in, pulled the blanket over me, slid the door closed and slept right there inside the closet haha.

i was only planning on staying there until the teachers got back from the meeting, but it got pretty cozy, so even though the footsteps of all the teachers rushing back outside was enough to wake me, i was just so comfortable there in the closet that i just decided to sleep some more. in total i stayed a good hour sleeping inside there haha. it think it would have been grand if a teacher came in and happened to open the closet to find me sleeping there lol.

this week felt incredibly long for some reason...

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