Thursday, January 10, 2008

i think im pretty much back into the work groove. monday was op ceremony and no lessons, tuesday was 2 lessons, wednesday was 3 lessons and today was prefecture meeting thing which meant no lessons again. im not so sure what my schedule looks like tomorrow, but im totally prepared for a number of different things.

yesterday i got my first haircut ever in japan. i was pretty satisfied. they did shampoo, scalp massage thing, cut and style blow dry. now i had been doing some intensive research regarding salons ever since i got back and i think i made the right choice at this salon. first think i looked for was if the workers themselves looked good - and they did. they were all like 10s. then i looked to see if their facility was nice. that passed my standards too. then i peeked at their techs and that was just fine as well. other 1000yen places - thanks for the offer, but i'll have to pass. other places i saw, the women looked kinda 'gf of yakuza'-ish or seriously dated. in any case, im satisfied with my hair. i think ill go so far as to say it looks good hoho.

oh i found this note that i wrote to myself on monday at my school inside a drawer:

"i was crying sour grapes but i couldnt even protect a girl."

which was a line from legend of heroes lol - totally awesome.

and adjusting back to jp manners is tough. i was all eating while walking and stuff. i was thinking, "goodness, im a savage!" so i stopped haha.

fingerprinting + photo business at the airport wasnt so much a pain, but the other foreigners in line seemed to be super irritated. i mean sure, im no criminal, and they really dont have any good reason to do this to foreigners and all, but what can you do right? people were saying how they were mugging the cameras and giving pissed off expressions and stuff haha.

i got the 4 new years event furnitures a few days ago - 3 snowmen and a wall scroll. they look pretty spiffy, but i wish they sparkled! but then again id have so much moving and sparking stuff in my hog house itd take an even longer time to load. good thing im not growing anything :P oh man i was totally going to raise a new chocobo! i need to get on that - maybe tomorrow after school.

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