Saturday, January 9, 2010

art meme for 2010

maybe i'll spend the holiday we have on monday drawing something new! in other news, a friend got me to watch "glee" which i think is pretty cool! basically it's a TV series that FOX put out about a young high school spanish teacher who comes to be in charge of the school's glee (singing) club. high school drama ensues, lol. being a teacher myself, it's crazy how much i can relate. they need to make more episodes!

oh wait! for this semester's oral communication class i do indeed need something to be drawn! the lesson we're making the kids do is basically this: "how do you overcome your sadness/ depression?" and on their worksheet thing they're going to have a picture that looks like:
/( - n - )\ >> [ ? ] >> \( *^-^*)/ <3
key phrases we're going to make them memorize for the test will be something like,
"When I'm sad/upset/depressed, I overcome this by~ ________________."
"I overcome my sadness/depression by~ _________________."
~ eating sweets
~ playing video games
~ listening to music
~ talking with my friends
~ going on a walk with my pet, etc.

and then they need to write a handful of supporting sentences using whatever hodgepodge of grammar they want.

the reason why we're addressing sadness and depression is because in Japan, this is around the time kids start feeling the pressure from entrance examinations... sometimes leading to suicide and all that uncool stuff, so it would be better if i could give this as homework to 3rd year students too. sadly i can only force the freshman to do it, lol. also, it's all cold and wintry here brrrrr!

i have nothing else to report lol.

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