Saturday, January 30, 2010

so glad busy week is over!

midyear seminar thing was just ugh... not to say it was a complete waste of time but... ok maybe it was a complete waste of time. i would have much rather seen my international students give their presentations than sit through workshop after workshop of stuff ive already done before...

and then there was english village! the numbah wun high school in the city put on this all-day english boot camp thing full of fun and games, and me plus a handful of other ALT soldiers were there to help with the excitement. boy oh boy, cant anybody hold them no.1 kids down. theyre so advanced with english conversation. youd think you were talking to university graduates.

then there was house of crazy live that me and justin played in... only one small lick of one song though! haha.

and then i did a lot of laundry.

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ジャスティン said...

What a day it was... and week indeed!

Neverending stooooory...