Sunday, January 24, 2010

ive been in ffxiii hype for the past few days. i must haved watched the newer trailer - the one with leona lewis' My Hands as the theme, and set in eng lang dialogue - dozens of times and i still dont know whether i like it or not lol... then i go back to watching the jp trailer and it annoys me to no end how awesomely GOOD all the voice acting is compared to the english >< i mean come on. whoever was in charge of setting up Rogue Galaxy's english voice over crew did a damn good job... i mean it's sqex. they could have held a big contest just in one single english speaking city to pick some good voice actors and to think what they managed to scrounge up... makes you think they plucked some random folks from the office to do the voices lol. (not to say there isnt the possibility of workers in sqex's programming, financial, translation etc. departments who are also talented voice actors hehe). in any case, i think it's such a big move for sqex and sony to get such a high profile artist to do the main theme. i guess theyre keeping their eyes ever on those dollar signs.

rant continues. ugh. the english voices. so is Snow supposed to be a texan? and is Fang supposed to be maori? lol. also... there's like a bunch of awkward dialogue going on with Hope. see, i could live with the overall sound of all their voices, but sometimes it's like theyre not even trying. there's even this thai fandub on youtube that seems to pack more emotion into the delivery lol... but i dont understand thai so i guess that's a little unfair.

man... i dont think anything will take me higher than what i experienced in avatar the last airbender; off the freaking hook in terms of voice acting. you could tell all the voice talent people were into their characters' personalities, motivations etc.

i guess im done ranting.

about the look of the game itself, i love the costume designs ;_; im so pissed that i'm going to just miss the summer anime con season when i come back to CA (have i whined about this before? i feel like i have already...). that is... not to say im planning on ffxiii cosplay - that'll all be decided after i play it!


Bakudannar said...

SE put their money into Leona Lewis. As for the VAs, they probably have a contract with a VA company. High profile western games have the best voice acting, and they're even better than JP voices now. Uncharted 1/2, Assassin's Creed 1/2, the Level 5 games (RG, Jean d'Arc), and plenty of others.

amanisdude said...

I'm telling you, Thi. AnimeIowa! ^_^"

Haha, JK. But seriously, you should come to PAX. PAX is cooler! AND there'll be game cosplayers! At least it can be a replacement AX this year.

Srsly, man. Consider PAX!


amanisdude said...
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amanisdude said...

Whoa, wait. NM. I just realized that PAX is going east this year and it's gonna be in March.

There's still APE 2010. It's local and pretty cheap. (San Francisco, free). Ray and Alex are going to scout for details on next year's ButterSafe exhibit, I think.

I'm not sure much in the way of the cosplay scene, though. There may be a couple of cosplay meets, but I think it's mostly for the exhibitors to show off their new snazz.

If not, we could totally pull off some random cosplay meet at Hilltop. Haha, ...hecka ghetto. ^_^" I'm sure we'd stir a couple of eyes, tho. Maybe a couple of pix. Although we'd prolly just be helping GameStop sell games.

Haha, alright. I guess that may not go over as well as I planned. ^_^" Oh, well. There's always next year. Full con opportunity, and PAX'll be back in Seattle!! ...Otherwise, there's still AnimeIowa! ^_^"


neoPootling said...

yeah level 5 games' voice acting is good!~

and dude we should all go to hilltop photo magic (that place still open?) in cosplay.