Saturday, January 2, 2010

went window shopping again today. this time in hamamatsu. last time i remember going there was when i was trying to look for a plain red tie for the Alto Saotome (macross frontier) cosplay lol. anyway, not only are there plenty of nice-ish sales during new years, but every store puts up surprise bags for sale too! im usually a big sucker for surprise bags, (especially at anime cons lol) but nothing i saw really called out to me. there was this burt's bees one i saw for 3000yen but all i really wanted was a nice lip balm collection... but inside the bag were all these scrubs and bath salts and some other stuff i wasnt at all interested in. anyway, im proud to say i didnt blow buckets of cash today. actually, the only thing i bought in hamamatsu today was a quarter pounder set at mcDonalds.

hmm, where to go tomorrow...

oh! forgot to mention that i made those pajama bottoms yesterday! in a previous post i wrote that i bought some plaid fabric and was going to do some sewing over this vacation so... go me! i accomplish things! they're very 1990s, meaning longish and super baggy - way to take it back.

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