Wednesday, January 6, 2010

on the legend of zelda phantom hourglass: OMG you tap the bomb from a distance to pick it up!


so i got back into this game after getting it a long time ago - maybe when i first got to japan and for some reason as i was playing brave story i was reminded of zelda so i decided to give the DS some love today.

i was on this part where youre supposed to pick up these bomb flower things and hurl them at rocks to blow them up and for the first few times it was pretty natural and good, but there was this one bomb that i couldnt pick up for some reason! then i was like, i wonder if this is a dud one so i went back towards the beginning of the dungeon to pick up those first ones again and i couldnt! i was like what the heck why cant i pick these things up?! i kept clawing at the DS screen with the stylus using all sorts of funny motions - (maybe im supposed to draw a circle around the bomb, or maybe its like you walk into it and youll automatically pick it up - no. lol.) so after like 20 minutes of blowing myself up i went on google to search for stylus tips and somewhere along all the searches i find the line 'tap the bomb from a distance to pick it up...' and i was like OMG, YOU TAP IT!!!??!? THAT'S ALL?!?!


anyway, the refreshingly cute DS link is as enjoyable as when i first gave this game a whirl many, many moons ago. anyway, if i finish this game, i think i might get spirit tracks in japanese too.

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