Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so exciting stuff first:

im pleased to announce that with the help of steve's bday gift to me i was able to determine my blood type! now i can tell all my students!!

in other news, the green day concert was most triumphant. i didnt expect the crowd to be so into it and crazy but they were! lol. we had tickets that put us in the standing arena b-3 which was actually not all that far away from the band. boy, does green day know how to work a crowd. im glad i got to hear the live performances of... basket case, american idiot, blvd of broken dreams, 21 guns, and wake me up when sept ends. but actually the best part was in the middle when they did this awesome polka cover medley of Shout, Stand By Me, and like 3 or so more songs i cant remember lol, but it was totally sweet. and the visual displays were sooooo good-looking! i appreciated the pyrotechnics too hehe. i took back with me a shirt and towel~ yay~

and then there were tarus!

man, sqex makes such good-looking figurines... the pix is just about the actual size of them too (their size in-blog, not the clicked, fully enlarged size). i have 2 more and brought them all to work, but im missing shantotto ;_; dont know if i should try my luck at getting the last one or not... but the last time i did that i ended up with almost a full other set haha. i have the star sibyl, ajido marujido, robel akbel and the taru ark angel in all... robel akbel is pretty creepy though haha. but the ark angel is awesome cause he floats! and his weapon is so huge compared to the rest of his body!

oh and plum blossoms are blooming! once they start looking prettier maybe ill get some snapshots of that.


Bakudannar said...

Congratulations, you're B positive lol

Allen said...

Most triumphant indeed.

Stephen said...

Woot B+!
Next time I get injured in KSSR you can donate me some blood and it'll be A-Ok or rather B-Ok ::knee slap::

In other news Okinawa is tight.

ジャスティン said...

As much as I'm okay with blood, just thinking about having to prick yourself for this makes me uneasy. For some reason, I think about a problem that grows to large quantities of blood gushing out. lol

jnutley said...

Ordered one box from CD Japan, got VERY lucky, picked up every Taru, a spare Star Sybil for my desk at work and two Extra ArchAngels to give away. ^_^