Monday, December 17, 2007

been super busy with kids

"spicy chicken" at mid level school never ceases to delight me

wore whm jacket to school today - nice reaction from otaku crowd

coldest day today. according to teachers it was like 1C this morning

cant wait til friday

naginata goodness last saturday

been blasting through all these anime at home

silver medalist in campaign

legend of heroes is grand =D

i still have fireworks from the summer ive kept... no desire/ chance to play with em with anyone here... i wonder how long theyll last... watch them explode randomly a few months from now. good think i keep em in the closet... and its gonna be like that episode of LOST once i decide to drag em out harhar

my bay area paleness is coming back lol. the locals still think im Brazilian though...

the NHK man came last saturday and i paid him properly like the company told us to.

haramaki saikou.

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