Wednesday, December 19, 2007


so today in english club we had a special pancake making event thing + tea. it was marvelous

height of excitement was when i was dual wielding frying pans and churning out awesome looking little pancake dudes in record time. the funny thing was their reaction wasnt, "whoa cool!" it was "zomg youll be an awesome wife!"

this is really what the girls said too lol

silly jp society

we had a cold snap recently. oh, how the kiddies suffer. it's a whole different world outside the warm walls of the teachers room hoho

so the girls can wear cardigans right... and usually they have to pick brown black or gray. the cardigan thing actually is one of the fuzzy gray areas (including hair color and style - no brown hair and no spiral or permed or curled hair - although like most of the girls do, hence the grayness of this area - regarding school rules). one of my first year girls in english club had a cranberry colored cardigan on today and i pointed to her and was like, "you are a rebel!" and she was like, "???" hohoho. then i said, "i like your cardigan," then she got all happy hehe

as we were eating pancakes older english teacher buddy lady was talking about the real world because a second year girl was worried... because her 18th birthday is getting closer and she fears growing up + thinking about the future + enduring the jp 3rd year student hell thing hehe. then i was all laughing inside because back at home youre not any closer to the real world when you turn 18 at all - as a matter of fact i remember mom and dad gave me a bunch of chococat stuff for my 18th birthday lol. a blanket, a pencil case (that i hella brought to japan with me!) jade + gold earrings [/tangent got necklace B from them for 17th bday and necklace A from them 16th bday - when i put 16th 17th and 18th bday jewelry together it looks pimpin.] anyhoo my advice to her was to enjoy her youth and that she doesnt have to front as an adult or anything. but then i was thinkin on the inside "but shes jp so shes gonna have trouble about that no frontin thing lol"

anyway the kitchen at my base school is so awesome. we have everything in there and its so nice and new ;_; its totally to die for.

oh man, as we were washing the dishes the other girls were just randomly staring outside right. and this was around sunset-ish so it was kinda getting dark outside. anyway this one girl was all, "eek~" and started being all flustered to her other girl buddies and mumbling random stuff and i was like, "dude, whats up" and looked behind me out the window. there i saw a group of boys (from the girls' homeroom) and i was like, "oh your homeroom buddies huh?" and i turned around again to wave to the kiddies outside. at first they just stared, then they recognized me and smiled + waved earnestly. i wasnt really sure what was up with my girls - maybe some freshman love thing going on hoho. high school~

we should really have home economics stuff back in the states. that way upon graduating high school both boys and girls are guaranteed do be able to do practical cooking and cleaning stuff. my first year boys were kicking ass with their pancakes. they even made it look exactly like the picture on the box lol.

and so far i dont like the girl main character of legend of heroes II

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Mark said...

you got your bike back. grats. ^^b

btw, your santa parter was looking for you. ^^;;