Wednesday, December 5, 2007

how my faith in mankind came to be restored:

so going off my theory i asked cool old otaku sensei what he thought and he was like, "dude lets go!" so he drove me to the police box again and we showed them how i opened that other bike with my key and they were like, "!" so they got the ball rolling on contacting other owner. we left after a few minutes and they said if they get a response, theyd contact us again, so we drove back to school. no sooner had we arrived than a call came in from the police. they managed to contact owner of other bike and they said within the next 15 mins theyd be back at APITA. so we were all like w00t!

since the bike had a high school sticker on it, i was expecting some kid to show up, but instead it was - get this - and old granny and gramps! LOL. way to illustrate the situation in my mind. they were all apologizing and speaking in old people jp and it was great hehe. im just glad pink stallion is back~

after school i went to the store and bought a fatty combo lock chain thing haha

now if i ever do buy baby blue stallion, it will be for a different purpose.

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