Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my bike theory is gaining more ground.

so i went back to APITA this morning to check on that other bike that looks similar to mine. sure enough, it was still parked in its same slot as i noticed monday after i came out of the mall. i held my bike key thinking, "man im going to look like such a thf struggling with the lock or if my key gets stuck or something," but i went for it anyway... but just as i originally thought, my key went inside the lock just fine and the bicycle unlocked with sickening ease. i was like, "..." then i was like "!!!" so i really wanna believe some random granny glanced at my bike, thought it was hers, unlocked it just the same, and rode off without another thought. i looked at the name tag on the other bike and was sad to see that it had faded beyond legibility.

why did all the other teachers throw my "maybe someone simply just opened my bike with their key?" theory out the door? -_-

and why did everyone strongy dissuade me from buying the second lock + bike insurance in the beginning?! arg! "yes this city is a very safe place. i grew up here all my life. women can walk the streets without escort 24/7 just fine." man, you guys. i should have just stuck with my richmond mentality.

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