Monday, December 10, 2007

brief report on cool happenings as of late.

went to the dec nagoya prefecture meeting where afterwards we got to hang around local shopping district and window shop. saw tony taka works at cool gallery place going for 25000+yen

bought some new shoes and some other clothes stuff. socks!

ate at cool chinese food restaurant (jp chinese bleh but whatever).

my new fav anime: shugo chara. totally a sucker for everything that anime is about lol.

best class at my mid lvl school today - awesome kids.

still choppin thru legend of heroes.

ate 2 spicy chicken kebob things today cause they the bomb.

got a moyashimon hand towel at animate today.

and forget christmas themed lessons. im doing a back to the future themed lesson instead. (no wings of the goddess influence... i swear... >_>)

cant wait til winter break!

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