Saturday, December 1, 2007

hit 70 woodworking today

and i finally put those pesky maple lumber to use - just so happened the guild point item for me turned out to be maple tables hoho

i wish parchment desynth was easier >_> then id be able to blast through the rest of these rattan...

anyway i think ive mentioned about the foliage already, but as its getting colder and colder, the colors are really coming out. there was this one tree around the university that had all gold leaves! it was totally awesome - a sight especially nice to see during sunset. what wasnt totally awesome were all the huge spiders chilling everywhere on campus @_@ i dont think i can ever stop complaining about how theyre everywhere i look. i know theyre really not doing me any harm, and theyre not even moving around or anything... they just look really creepy in their extensive web matrices... in their spider crew... it's such a color contrast when you look up at the sky between tall trees and you see this fat dark blob of legs suspended in the air... /shudder they dont really clip the bushes or trees into perfect shapes or anything... so the branches dangle into the walkway... near your head and stuff... so you get spider buddies there too...

anyway, spiders freak me out.

hooray for december. i can finally get all christmasy at my schools and stuff. first of all, these kiddies dont need another lesson about the holiday in general, because im sure it's been beaten into their heads pretty well over their academic lives, so im going to think of some different part of christmas... something completely unique to americans... or me.

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