Monday, December 3, 2007

so i have tons and tons of things to be thankful for and happy about. this is why i dont feel too incredibly bad after having my bike stolen today, lol.

it happened somewhere between 315pm and 630pm after school today at APITA. good thing i didnt decide to buy that big steamer pot thing + an iron otherwise i would have had to carry all that stuff home on foot. anyway, i thought that in choosing the small 24 rims and the frosted pink color, i would have deterred the average thief into targeting my bike. guess i was wrong!

poor bike-chan, my faithful pink stallion ;_; i bet it's wallowing in some watery grave at the moment.

crazy thieves... JESUS IS WATCHING THEM!!

im thinking of getting another hot ride if my first one doesnt turn up anytime soon. it'll be baby blue! that way, when i get my first bike back (cause im soooo gonna get it back. i believe!) i'll have one pink and one blue hoho.

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