Monday, February 4, 2008

oh my goodness.

i just came the the shocking realization that AX is only 6 months away... even though there is only a 1% chance i will go haha. see, when theres lecture to go to and grades to cook, the thing that keeps you going is the countdown until your anime con. man, i used to count them by the month or week, but it's actually been a meaty half year since i've thought about a convention - namely AX. id camp cosplay sites, plan costumes in my head, read up on the ongoing conventions happening in the rest of the US, and it used to seem to take forever until the fourth of july weekend to come up.

oh~ this feeling inside~ it's a feeling of almost emptiness. usually i'm all juiced over my and thanhs costume for the summer and when i feel like taking breaks from studying i'll work on them a bit, but... i have nothing here ._. (yet)

jp cons just dont have the same level of liberal insanity we get back at home... but mark my words, when i finally come back, i'm going to otakon first =D

i think i really would have gone about making tales of phantasia arche =D

man, feels so reminiscent to browse through cosplay stuffs again~


jnutley said...

I know people cosplay over there, would it be worth it to try to hang out with J cosplayers?

Pip and I will miss you this year at AX. :(

neoPootling said...


take picturessssss~