Saturday, November 3, 2007

osaka here i come!!

one week from now is the super cool training happy event in osaka for kay ess ess arr stuff. cant wait.

tomorrow is the hamamatsu doujinshi con thing. as fate would have it, i actually left my COR cosplay in the locker room at the last school i wore it to >< there must be something fated about me not cosplaying to a con in japan yet or something, lol. anyway ive said this before and ill say it again - id so go as naja salaheem if i could @_@

tonight is tuna onigiri happiness + gyoza. this midday i had good old tung-i ramen that got delivered from back home. it was so good... so, so good.

n00b dude is still barrel rolling like no other in kay ess ess arr. its sad cause the higher ups laughs openly at him :P

so ive been trying to chop thru valkyrie profile without any guides and so far freya tells me that the future looks grim @_@ im like halfway through chapter 2 atm... need... more... power! im debating on whether i should farm or chop thru more VP - i think ill do both at the same time!

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Thanh said...

hoho, VP can be tricky. Chop through it first, then use a guide to get the A ending. The A ending story is what makes VP golden lol. I played VP about 4 times to date, 3 on PS1, 1 on PSP.