Saturday, November 17, 2007

i was at the station the other day and i saw a girl wearing a boys uniform from my almost all boys high school fufufu. it was so cute - so baggy on her. i didnt see the dude anywhere though i suspect he was wearing his PE uniform or grease monkey suit or something. very romantic indeed.

hot milk cocoa from vending machines here are great. i can depend on all the vending machines at all my schools, and every train station i go to carry it - its awesome. i totally abuse the AAgrade green tea at my base school too haha. they do tell me to drink as much as i want... and theres just so much of it too...

the other day in english club was the best its ever gotten. i think there was major healing going on. since there were only 3rd year kids that afternoon i got them to talk about high school romance lol. lots of laughter and lots of tears. they had some real stuff to tell. there were only like 5 of us there and everyone was cool with each other so it was all good. i asked them to tell one bad story and one good story and that went well. ah~ jp school kid romance. i told them that they should open up on a regualr basis to their buddies - that it would make them feel a whole lot better on the inside. i ended up giving each of them advice about random stuff - yea it was one big therapy session. in english too! hohoho. totally doing my job.

i went to the discount store and bought some fall/winter stuff. i needed some flannel, and another sweater because it's getting quite nippy outside. it gets cold inside the apt at night too.

i got monster signa the other day. no one but me in the area and i only had to wait 30 mins =D cant wait til wings of the goddess. there had better be some nice cosplayers at the anaheim fan festival. if theres a good naja, the contest is so over hoho.

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Thanh said...

A little GTO moment mwhahaha