Monday, November 19, 2007

i got some fresh threads today - but not at the discount store. i went to this UNIQLO place right next to EIDEN. they have clothing there that makes me think of Old Navy back at home. Quality stuff, but everything is totally made in honduras, or indonesia or china. at UNIQLO most of the items are made in china - so what we get are pretty nice new clothing at an inexpensive price. i swear all their womens winter clothing are like 1.5 times thinner than guys clothing or something... so i bought a set of fleece jammies (they call it room wear) from the dudes section and some fleece pants (room wear) from the ladies section because they didnt have this nice color of brown from the guys section... i also got a white hoodie - discount bin for the win - to make a version two white mage jacket <3 hopefully i can find a colorfast red textile this time where going through the wash wont totally ruin it all. anyway, i think im going to use garnet's design from ffix for this one, or at least do the empire waist thing like she does with the red triangles.

so you know in those random anime that have a schoolgirl all bandaged up with that crazy ass medical eye patch thing across her eye? well i saw one today in the teachers room and i was like /stare lol she had sporty hair and an "eff you all" look in her features. i swear she was cosplaying or something.

oh and i have something totally awesome to share in terms of the kind of english my kids dish out. this entertained me all day (i even made a photocopy of the original and placed it on my desk to look at when i got bored lol):

Dear Chris,
Body condition how?
Really doing the buying which is OK?
It was surprised about meeting with traffic accident, and so on.
Even though, there might were not something wrong in the life.
It was relived.
Because it goes to the present as soon as possible at the hospital.
It gets to rest sufficiently, to be early and to be fine.
Also, it telephones me if there is something.

Your friend,

win! it felt like reading auto-translate lol

[body] condition [How?]

anyway the swelling on the mosquito bite on my lip is pissing me off to no end. it burns and is getting pretty swollen. thank goodness these 3 bites on my face havent turned a blistering red color (yet?) like the one on the back of my hand. the swollen area there has the diameter of 3 inches - almost the entire surface of the back of my hand. somewhere in japan i just know theres a shrine for a mosquito deity or bug deity or something. i totally need to visit.

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