Sunday, November 4, 2007

i had a great time in hamamatsu today.

the doujin con was a lot smaller than it was a few years ago - but it was all good. they had a lot of good artists there and i got a lot of tales, ff, and lucky star stuff hohoho. have i ever mentioned that guy cecil is my hero? we checked out a bunch of sights all around the train station too after we left the con. we even scoped out the animate! there, i got some abyss doujin - like luke x jade stuff bohahaha.

i think i'll clean and vacuum for a bit now.

i gots a chocolate cornet-eating konata sticker on my phone now, yay =3

all clean~ /dance


Stephen said...

In practice today professor was explaining a technique and he was like, "See it's like this... all in one motion." And then I thought of him saying, "See it's like this... pull up hop out, all in one motion." And I laughed inside because no one else there would have understood.

neoPootling said...


professor is so hyphee