Friday, November 2, 2007

so halloween went kind of meh-ish at the mid lvl school.

some students were initially like, "whoa!" but afterwards they refused to ask questions or talk or anything, so it was just me talking and passing around pictures + other teachers asking questions on behalf of the kiddies. talk about a tough crowd. maybe they were too shocked or embarrassed to talk to me or something i dunno. the teachers appreciated it! so it was all worth it. also i got the otaku kids to come up to me and talk. i even got invited to a con in hamamatsu this sunday. its gonna be sweet. still wondering whether i should cosplay or not, but we'll see.

the natives complain about 'the cold' a lot nowadays but this cold they speak of is so not here yet, lol. maybe theyre just trying to make conversation or something, but i seriously dont think it's as cold as they say yet. the bay gets like 4 times as cold as it is right now. i dont even have to bust out the big jackets yet.

its funny when i dress feminine - if i happen to wear a skirt, the jp women teachers all come up to me and say, "oh, you look so nice today~" and its like, "uhhh, ok. thanks..." i guess i look like total crap when i wear pants or something haha. one even came up to me and said something along the lines of, "oh! you really are a girl, arent you?" LOL

i think im going to experiment farming things i dont usually farm. im going to try sea serpent grotto for coral, castle V for ahrimans wings to see how that goes. hopefully i'll be able to take down the grotto mobs ok - ill pull out trusty NPC or something.

if not i think ive been converted to cockatrice in onzozo forever now. asides from their meat, their skin NPCs for like 600 something each and i get oodles of them.

dude the other day when i was at the post office there was this crazy woman who kind of sauntered in and went totally psycho. she took these pamphlets and binders and chucked them onto the floor screaming like a banshee. to my surprise no security guard or worker ran out to control the situation - they just stared at her and stuff and i was like, "uhhhhhh.... ?!" then after she walked out everyone just went back to their jobs like nothing had happened. maybe shes a regular or something...

at the prefecture meeting yesterday a chunk of us ate at the hard rock cafe in nagoya. it was pretty sweet. funny thing is i had been re-reading fast food nation and instead of thinking, "oh man, gross stuff" i was like, "dude i really want a burger..." so i got to satisfy my burger and fries craving that fast food nation gave me haha. BBQ bacon cheeseburger of death! it was really cute-sized though - no bigger than a normal sand dollar, and the fries serving was equally cute =3

yes, anyway - time to farm and stuff

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