Sunday, November 18, 2007

yay for sunday.

my apt is so clean - it feels great.

winter is really starting to show around here. the cold wind is all blustery and stuff. im glad the second hand store is so close to home. i can get all the 500yen flannel i want! i can get 100yen scarves and gloves too at the upstairs 100yen shop - it's totally sweet.

this bastard mosquito bit me of the face today. i hate getting bites on the face... it got me on the back of my hand earlier too. and they said mosquitoes would go away when it got cold... talk about crazy jp bugs.

im looking forward to camping melon pan at the school store tomorrow. the almost all guys school told me not to come tomorrow because of a special event so im gonna chill at my base school. i guess ill go ahead and make my part of the their test + a happy study guide thing. go monday.

still happy about my clean apt!


Stephen said...

Lillian and I finished Utena the other day. Man, what a stupid ass show.

Here's my interpretation of the brainstorming for the movie, "I think we need something to symbolize Utena showing Himemiya the road to freedom... Oh dude dude I got it... alright how about we randomly make her turn into a car and then she can drive on a road somewhere. Get it? The road to freedom? Oh man and Himemiya can totally 'ride' her too and it will get past the ratings board... Oh man I'm so good, I bet people won't even catch that deep connection I just thought up there..."

neoPootling said...

yea lol

you should have been there at AX00 when ikuhara was in ahaheim for the movies debut - what a crazy guy.

and i thought you guys had finished it around the same time you started watching hehe

on a similar note ive been lurking in the animate ever monday and friday at the train station to see which anime and manga are popular and stuff - i get kinda disappointed though because when i dled these titles they were all so mediocre... anyway theres so much inspiration for artwork here hohoho