Tuesday, November 6, 2007

what started out as a normal cockatrice farming + NPC picnic turned out to be quite exciting =D

i decided that id go to onzozo again and hit up the cockatrice there for some good honest gil. i let the NPC tag along too - she's almost lvl 55 now hoho. anyway i was doing my thing, and she had one more kill left to quota, when out of the corner of my screen i see strange mob name and NM sirens go off in my head. every time i go to onzozo there are always some random folks camping for something, but i never researched what - i guess it was this guy hoho.

i hadnt rested for a while, and was at about 80% of my HP, but i decided to just go for it! haha.

i SA + hide the gob and start chopping away when i notice that its casting like a mofo on me. luckily i had fatty TP so i was able to chop it down pretty fast. just when its about to die, it lands a freeze on me and im like... ow - red zone 120 HP. by this time i got like 2 other gob links hacking away at my poor shadows, so i Perfect Dodge, and as soon as i finished off the NM, i slapped on my trusty trick staff and prayed to god that my eva and last shadows would pull me through. whatever spell was ticking away at my HP made me increasingly nervous as i waited out those 30 long seconds haha. the warp goes through, and im standing in whitegate with an exciting 32 HP left, and so i make a final dash into my mog house.

as soon as i load, i finally have the time to check the chat log to see my spoils of war. i got a chunk of gil, some goblin goodies, thunder IV, and something called a "Moldavite Earring" lol. i was like, "oh, i remember people talking about this thing, lol"

im not taking blm or rdm to 47 or anything anytime soon, but... go me! i'll be ready! hoho

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