Thursday, November 29, 2007

so those mediocre anime that ive been following for the hell of it have been getting better. either that or theyve just grown on me not being any better than when i first started watching. anyway it gives me a good laugh and i like to compare the characters with my own high school kids haha.

anyway its test season and the kids are stressing like no tomorrow. teachers are all cutting my lessons or canceling altogether because theyve fallen behind on their own lessons, but its all good - whatever they need to get as many points right >_> /sigh

i think i was super fair in creating my section of the test. i even spoon fed them a "omg if you guys are alive and breathing at all right now, you can get full marks on my part" review session, so if they fail hardcore on my part then its totally their bad. i even told them if they wanted me to check grammar for the written section id be happy to do it but only 2 girls came up to ask me. oh well~ but maybe they gots this whole testing thing down right? i guess ill see for myself very soon when i get down to grading.

i was looking at a bunch of WCCUSD web sites today. a teacher asked about class scheduling in america - at least where i grew up, so i went to research. i found a 2006 copy of graduation requirements, and a full list of all the courses offered in our district among all the schools at least 9-12 that is. sharing is awesome. actually telling stories from back home and extracting stories from the natives is the meat of what i do daily.

tomorrow will be a chill around day. poor kiddies and their mountains of tests - five consecutive days of examination fun.

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