Friday, February 22, 2008

all the songs on music station today were really good... except for that one boy band number News- Taiyou No Namida even though it's from kurosagi... their singing still bites.

today one of my third years asked me, "hey do you know katsu ire" i was like, "zomg katsu ire no koto? hell yeah i do!" and he was like, "whoaaaa~ i asked like all the teachers here and know one knew, how do you know?" i was like fufufufufu~ i only told him about the foot one though. i was going to tell him about friday's book but he had to go.

man, this commercial suddenly reminded me of bartender the anime. suntory whiskey right - so tokyo daughter calls dad and is like, "hey is there anything you want for your birthday?" and dad is all, "i dont need random stuffs like that." then daughter is all, "..." then the next scene daughter arrives at dads house in person with a gift set of glasses + alcohol and then they drink it... and dad is all pleased and stuff like it was the best thing he's gotten for a bday ever. man, i really am in japan arent i?

OMG yay! whisper of the heart is on TV now =D


aha~ a scene just reminded me of something i saw this morning on the way to school.

some random youths were riding double (bicycle) down the street and the dude on the back did this cool /push push push /hop on and go thing that looked pretty slick. i wanna do that haha.

and the movie L does manga L no justice i swear.

boo. these guys are totally knockin durian like it's the worst thing theyve eaten ever... im so offended. haha


Stephen said...


I wonder if they'll show the cat returns after this. That would be tight.

Heheh katsu ire. You never got to try it on anyone right? Do people ever get choked out where you are?

Thanh said...

dude lol you know when someone gets KOd you have to katsu ire them right. All eyes on YOU lol