Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i hit /flee when i saw that there was less than a minute until the airship would leave and when i made it barely on board i was like, "wow, i can actually relate this feeling with RL - running to make the train! because if you run it actually does make a difference! it's like a good 7-25 minute difference too depending on the train. anyway, good thing i decided to change back to thf outta blm hohoho.

oh and i started to raise a new chocobo ^^ if things work out the way i want, it should be a cute, strong red choco =D then i wont have to ride IcyHot anymore - he's so slow~ but i love him anyway! it's been a good solid year since ive had a bird in the stables... im... so excited haha. cant wait to see it shake its tail feathers at me. i just know im going to want to buy that choco baby plushie at animate even though it really looks like a real life young baby bird, all fetus-looking and everything haha. i do believe i have described this plushie before?

speaking of plushies, feb 22nd is coming up and that means a chance to get me a squishy moyashimonnnnnnnn~

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