Thursday, February 14, 2008

so there's been this cat mewing up a storm outside our apt complex for the past few days. i reckon the poor thing has been freezing in this cold weather we've been having recently. why, today it started to snow after 1st period was over and i was like, "zomg!" while all the kiddies were staring at me laughing lol.

i experienced jp valentine's day for the first time today! american valentine's day blows jp valentine's day outta the water. the whole girls only give guys chocolate thing is ridiculous. there needs to be a revolution i swear haha. and they need to think more like birthday gifts - like giving games, accessories, clothes, flowers, etc. instead of just chocolate. and kids need to get those set of 30 valentines in a box thing to give their classmates. that way they can buy 2 boxes (40 kids in a class) and have the rest go to your family members and teachers and non classmates and senpai or something.

anyway, i gave out chocolates to my kiddies today! the activity i had them do was compliment or confess your love to inanimate object imagining it was your special person lol. then after they confessed/ complimented the object, they could get a chocolate hoho. it went pretty well. it juiced them real good to hear their classmates say really sappy stuff. or even when this dude said, "i think you are so cute" this cluster of girls on the other side of the class started squealing/ giggling like crazy and it was grand.

i gave chocolate to my teacher buddies too~ and i got a load of chocolate from them as well. if only we had made those paper letter box things! man, that would have been tight.

so i polled my kiddies to see where the interest in a prom was at this school and the majority is "hex yea~" i want to help bring them a prom so bad.

and i think i'll do some rare holiday-themed artwork now haha.

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