Tuesday, February 5, 2008

LOTTE rich fruit chocolate - apple: approved!


i want the plushie so bad ;_;

2/22 i have to totally camp it because it's going to totally sell out i just know ;_; im going to come from my far school too which means no 400pm rush out the door to try and beat the kiddies... cant beat the housewives though. or the NEETs... lol what am i saying. i just really want the plushie ;_; then i can flail it all around and watch its appendages sway to and fro all cute-like.

i had something amusing to report but i dont remember quite what...

english club was cool today. we played mafia! and after several trials with different classes and kids ive come to the conclusion that this game should only be played in english club. class of 20 was alright, but they all really needed to pipe down. class of 40 was a total flop - no one actively participating in the voting round. english club was good because the kids felt comfortable pointing at each other and accusing each other and stuff. it was great.

but not as great at this fuji apple white chocolate.

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