Saturday, February 9, 2008

it snowed today and boy was it awesome.

my first experience of the sort - i guess i noticed it around the time i had to head out to practice, around 1645 and on the 30 min bus ride to the practice site (driver had to drive slow today) i got to look outside at a snow-covered town! all the buildings seemed to look better laced in white too - maybe im romanticizing it or something, but even the MOS Burger looked all magical covered in snow. the walk to the practice site was crazy painful on feet. the distance was only about from de neve to ackerman, but the slush on the ground got my toes wet and... i guess you can imagine how it feels to walk on top of snow cones haha.

and i really did want a snow cone looking at all the snow.

snow, snow, snow!

with that, i think ill spend all weekend indoors gaming lol


jnutley said...

You can't just look at it, you must SHOVEL it! You must be stuck someplace and need to go someplace else and only be able to start your journey after shoveling a path for your vehicle from garage to driveway. ONLY THEN will you comprehend the pure white EVIL of Snow! ;P

jnutley said...

Oh Yeah, Jakes = Me

neoPootling said...

snow is no longer just a legend =D